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Thank you to Continental Breakfast, Deaf Poets, Ice Cream, Arboles Libres, Kendra Day, Mikal Hernandez, Sirens & Sealions, and Ann Condon. We love you.


released February 10, 2011

Artwork by Darrin Higgings, Mixed and Mastered by Camilo medina.

Guest Vocals in "Pot, Pots, Pop" and "Blue Rock" by Camilo Medina.
Guest Guitars in "Blue Rock" by Camilo Medina



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Trilobites Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Seeds
Lights shine on the pests of men like it would at the edge
And all the faces that I knew danced in sweet hues
I have thrown up all of their names
Why won't you say yes? Because I like your pretty curls
And all of your scents and all of your ways
It was our muddy hands that gave a fucked up child
It was our muddy hands.
I guess they just get blown cause it's what beasts do
But if it takes your core, I will still love your soul

I was the single seed
Track Name: Pot, Pots, Pop
Sat and watched all the leaves fall
between the fields
music played in our old folks’
Car, oh it stills rings

got a sunburn, and sleepy head.

We sat and watched on an eastern hill
Waiting to feel
The endless ache of the war
and its face

Got a sunburn and a sleepy head

Do you wanna take’em off
before I go?
Wanna take’em off
Well, before I go.
Maybe you should take’em off
Track Name: Heavy
I'll catch the old things you used to do
Every once in a while
This grass will melt, leaving our prints to age away
The sun and the snow lead us home to find our names
It's like time's ours
While we're still young
You can have my smile
We picked our fruit from the southern tree in the rain
She would have said that I have your eyes
Blue and calm like you
The sun and the snow lead us home to find our names
It's like time's ours
while we're still young
You can have my smile
Track Name: Phenotype
Maybe some time we'll meet again
In a remote case
I've hid my things to walk out
Letting it lead
And it's like a new feeling, right?
When the streets are lit
And there's that breeze
By the golden gate

On latter days
We used to watch the plays
Sat on the curb of soiled canals
But never felt the frozen rush
Like lovers would, would
If dancing takes place, I'd hope to be next to you
It's just the way I will miss you
Track Name: Blue Rock
Sitting around the yard
We kicked back the soles of our shoes
While we had a brew or two
And we saw the surfer gals in town
We asked if they’d care to dance
Cruisin’ around the coast
Where the sun had diamond eyes
A crowded beach and salty knees
As kids not knowing it all
But you are now states away
Where the buildings cast dim lights
The city’s cold and much lagged
Do you feel the wet sand? And the wind tying our hands?
Will she ever take that damn ring?
Well, good old friends, the wind changes tracks so suddenly
We both have seen new ways, but I wont forget you now.
No I won't forget you now
I know how you feel when love doesn't work
I know how it felt when she walked away and lied
I know how you feel when love doesn't work
We’ll keep our bond somehow